Rosemary’s Cheese Sandwich

Rosemary’s Cheese Sandwich

I respect all of you too much to explain how to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich a second time, so I’m not illustrating this post. Also, if I’m being honest, I wasn’t super excited about making this sandwich. For one, the ingredients are:

  • bread
  • cheese
  • lettuce
  • mayonnaise

I’m not a big proponent of lettuce. I know, it has a lot of water, and a vitamin or two, and it’s a negative calorie food—I don’t care. I like greens and there are so many other, healthier options than letting.

So, this sandwich is simply carbs, fat, and a BS placeholder vegetable. In short, I thought this sandwich was going to be offensive, teetering on the brink of morally reprehensible. I was raised on bologna and mustard sandwiches on white bread, so I feel like that’s saying something.

I’m making this sandwich because I’m nearing the end of Rosemary’s Baby. The sandwich comes into play after Rosemary has given birth and is actually made for her by a member of the Satanic cult responsible for her son’s paternity and kidnapping—go figure.

I didn’t use white bread, which I assume is what the dullest sandwich ever should be based on. I wanted to use up my rye flour, so I made a loaf of rye bread and griddled it with butter on both sides. Then I put some cheddar cheese on one half and popped it under a broiler for a minute or two before putting the whole thing together.

Now, while I wouldn’t go out of my way to make it again, if you’re looking for a simple snack or an easy kid-friendly sandwich, this isn’t a bad one. The sandwich was tasty and the lettuce gave it a light crispness; though I would recommend letting the cheese cool a bit so it doesn’t cause the lettuce to wilt.