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Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

It’s 2019 and in late December, I decided that enough was enough. I was talking to my boss and she told me she’d finally made the choice to go dairy-free. She said, “If you think about it, dairy is gross.” YEAH, dairy is gross! I know that, I started a blog partially dedicated to that very idea, and then somewhere I lost my way.

So, I did it. My New Years resolution was to quit dairy and find a good substitute for cheese and I DID. As of February 1, I will have been dairy-free for a month. In that month, I’ve made vegan mac & cheese and a huge batch of cashew cheese (which is SO versatile) and I haven’t missed dairy cheese ONCE. Plus, I still get to make cheese, I just don’t have to feel bad about it anymore.

Here are the two best recipes I’ve found so far and there are dozens more to try:

Cashew Cheese

This is more of a base “mother sauce” cheese that you can adjust to make things like cheese spreads, dips, and sauces. Very much like the Frank’s Hot Sauce lady, I put this shit on everything—veggies, sandwiches, crackers, pizza, pasta, etc.

Mac & Cheese Mix

I love mac & cheese and Annie’s has been one of my go-to meals since college. Until Annie embraces plant-based alternatives, this is my new fav. The recipe isn’t gluten-free but I substituted chickpea flour for APF and it’s delicious. My favorite way to enjoy it is mixed with almond milk, Earth Balance, and homemade pesto or Sri Racha—amazing.