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Low Country-Bound

Low Country-Bound

A week ago today, we officially (and unexpectedly) took up residence in Charleston, South Carolina. Just five short days after my Amazingly Significant Other became my husband, we packed up the car, cats, and made the 16+ hour trip to SC to pursue a new opportunity. I’m [thankfully!!] still a Vitalian but obviously a LOT has changed. With all the unpacking and work catch-up, I don’t have the time or energy for a long post, but here are the highlights:

Best Moment:

Getting the bed into the new (two-bedroom, two-bathroom!!) apartment—with three doped-up cats, this trip was a nightmare.

Worst Moment:

We found a hungry, pregnant, stray cat at the hotel we stopped at overnight in Richmond, VA. We called a local Animal Control Officer and tried to keep her until they arrived but she got away 🙁 When the ACO showed up, he [condescendingly] explained to me that in VA it’s legal to keep animals—even cats and dogs—outside.

If your laws mean that your domesticated animals are so poorly maintained that I can’t tell the difference between a pet and a stray, I’m not the ignorant one.

Scariest Moment: 

Callie kitten, aka – Burgers, woke up somewhere in Virginia and got out of her crate. When I had to break hard unexpectedly, she flew forward, hit the shifter, and managed to put the car in park, on the highway, in the dark, and rain. Thankfully, we’re all safe and sound, which is pretty amazing.

Funniest Moment:

If you’re a Rick and Morty fan, you’ll be as enthusiastic as I was to learn that Shoney’s is real!!

Best Restaurant:

On the trip down I subsisted on old pizza and gas station fare BUT when we got to Charleston we made our first trip to Mod Pizza. It’s apparently a chain, and it’s amazing. Think the Subway of pizza but with delicious ingredients and cans of sparkling wine—pretty solid 🙂