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Hurricane Florence & Spaghettios

Hurricane Florence & Spaghettios

Last week, I baked for the first time since we moved to the low country. I was feeling, centered, peaceful, good—FINALLY. Then, Charleston announced a mandatory evacuation due to the threat posed by hurricane Florence. We’re New Englanders, we can handle feet of snow and rain, darkness that lasts for months, but 140 mph winds? Hard pass.

So, we packed up the things we couldn’t live without, the idiot cats, and made the 5-hour drive to Atlanta. We’ve been here since the small hours of Tuesday morning and yesterday, I ate Spaghettios for the first time since I was eight…It didn’t feel good. Honestly, they tasted like failure and, as one of my clients astutely put it, lead poisoning. Actually, sitting alone in a hotel room, surrounded by cats, eating room temperature Spaghettios out of the can, while a storm bears down on you is what some might consider rock-bottom. Depressing, yeah, but the thing about rock bottom is that the only place to go is up.

We can’t change our situation but we can choose our response to it. So, my ASO came “home” from work that night to a healthy meal and a clean, organized room because all we can do is the best we can with what we have. We’re on a new adventure and it’s been a bumpy ride so far, but we’ll make the most of it. We’ll weather the storm and everything will be perfectly fine because we’ll MAKE IT that way. We’re New Englanders—doing the best we can and coming out on top is what we’ve been doing for centuries. We may be displaced right now, and a little down, but we’re not out. We (and our loved ones in New England and Florida) are safe, fed, and together—who could ask for more than that?

Stay safe, Charleston. We’ll see YOU ALL soon.