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Easiest Messy Bun Tutorial Ever

I barely brush my hair so there’s no plausible scenario in which I’ve invented this technique but it is what I do and it is easy AF. I’ll post pictures when and if my social anxiety improves 😉


  • Long Hair, to taste (silky-ass doll locks optional)
  • Brush, 1 (optional)
  • Hands, 2
  • Elastic, 1
  • Bobby Pins, 3-4


  1. Flip your hair and brush it out, or don’t—your call.
  2. Gather your hair, ponytail-style, in one hand. Doesn’t matter which one but I use my non-dominant hand.
  3. Grab the ponytail mid-length and pull it over the hand holding the ponytail.
  4. Wrap the end of the ponytail around the base of the ponytail 1-3 times depending on how long your hair is* and secure it with the elastic.
  5. You should have created a very floppy bun—tilt it forward, fan it out a bit, muss it a little.
  6. Use 3-4 bobby pins to secure the hair at the base of the bun.
  7. God-willing, you’ve ended up with a badass messy bun.

*If you need to wrap it more than 3 times, would you email me to tell me what vitamins you take?