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Dairy-Free Home

Dairy-Free Home

My husband, Eric, is a truly spectacular human. He’s kind, generous, thoughtful, intelligent, gorgeous, good at everything he does (so frustrating), and compassionate—he tends to want the best for people and animals, in general, always. I have to brag on his behalf for just a second.

When I say ‘good at everything he does’, I mean in a preternatural way. For example, Eric loves craft beer and he’s successfully made it his career. When I met him, he worked in health care administration. One day, he went to a beer tasting at a local pub and got to talking with the craft beer distributor rep manning the beer samples. He was so personable and knowledgable that the beer rep told Eric that he was leaving his current position for a new opportunity and that Eric should apply for his job. Eric applied and, to the disappointment of some of the internal applicants, was hired. Here’s the kicker—a few months later at their company holiday party, the people that had also applied for Eric’s role said that he was the right choice and that everybody loves him—how often does that happen?!

Anyway, back to dairy. Eric has never been a big fan of cheese, he gave that up with me and switched to vegan butter without complaint, so the only dairy that we have in the house is half & half for his coffee. Last night, we were sharing cute animal posts on IG when we came across one by @thehumaneleague referring to cows as grass puppies. I’ve never heard them called that before but they really are like big puppies. They’re intelligent, they like to play, they bond with each other and people—they’re adorable.

While prepping his coffee this morning, I thought about the grass puppies while adding the creamer and it made me so sad. My original mission was to find a good vegan alternative to dairy cheese—mission accomplished. My new mission is finding an acceptable vegan alternative for half & half so that we can both be dairy free for good and without regret.

We’ve tried almond milk, cashew milk, Ripple. The nut milks have proven to be too thin for Eric’s taste and Ripple was good but a little pricey. Our friend Hannah recently suggested oat milk, so that’s the plan for this weekend 🙂