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[Con] Artist

[Con] Artist

I’m thinking of plagiarizing my cousin Joe’s work. Joe is a famous artist, if you live in NYC or are well-versed in contemporary art or pretend you like obscure things, you might know him. We have the same initials, so I feel like it’s an option.

I don’t know Joe well but I think he’s a pretty solid guy. He has the same blue eyes as my Dad and his brother (Joe’s father). He attended RISD. Whenever I saw him at family gatherings, someone would inevitably remind me that when I was little he often threatened to eat my feet. I think that Joe once painted an excellent rooster for my uncle and it’s still hanging in their family home but I might have made that up.

Joe’s work reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes—if you don’t see the beauty and the genius in it then you’re perceived as a fool but in reality, there’s nothing to see. I like to think that Joe is screwing with his devotees—taking their money for being pretentious jerks.

Here’s one of my favorites, guess what it’s called…

‘Z’ by Joe Bradley, 2010

Check him out, see what you think.